First, make sure you have Quartz cloned and setup locally.

Then, create a new repository on Do not initialize the new repository with README, license, or gitignore files.

At the top of your repository on’s Quick Setup page, click the clipboard to copy the remote repository URL.

In your terminal of choice, navigate to the root of your Quartz folder. Then, run the following commands, replacing REMOTE-URL with the URL you just copied from the previous step.

# add your repository
git remote add origin REMOTE-URL
# track the main quartz repository for updates
git remote add upstream

To verify that you set the remote URL correctly, run the following command.

git remote -v

Then, you can sync the content to upload it to your repository.

npx quartz sync --no-pull


If npx quartz sync fails with fatal: --[no-]autostash option is only valid with --rebase, you may have an outdated version of git. Updating git should fix this issue.