Quartz is a fast, batteries-included static-site generator that transforms Markdown content into fully functional websites. Thousands of students, developers, and teachers are already using Quartz to publish personal notes, websites, and digital gardens to the web.

🪴 Get Started

Quartz requires at least Node v18.14 and npm v9.3.1 to function correctly. Ensure you have this installed on your machine before continuing.

Then, in your terminal of choice, enter the following commands line by line:

git clone https://github.com/jackyzha0/quartz.git
cd quartz
npm i
npx quartz create

This will guide you through initializing your Quartz with content. Once you’ve done so, see how to:

  1. Writing content in Quartz
  2. Configure Quartz’s behaviour
  3. Change Quartz’s layout
  4. Build and preview Quartz
  5. Host Quartz online


Coming from Quartz 3? See the migration guide for the differences between Quartz 3 and Quartz 4 and how to migrate.

🔧 Features

For a comprehensive list of features, visit the features page. You can read more about the why behind these features on the philosophy page and a technical overview on the architecture page.

🚧 Troubleshooting + Updating

Having trouble with Quartz? Try searching for your issue using the search feature. If you haven’t already, upgrade to the newest version of Quartz to see if this fixes your issue.

If you’re still having trouble, feel free to submit an issue if you feel you found a bug or ask for help in our Discord Community.

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